Vuores is a new city district of Tampere, which combines a proximity to nature, high-quality architecture, an ecological attitude, cutting-edge technological solutions, as well as small-town-like services.

Each residential area of Vuores, which is surrounded by greenery and lakes, will have a combination of blocks of flats, terraced houses, detached houses and townhouses - homes for people of all ages and for families of various sizes.

The services provided by the centre of Vuores, such as the school and the shopping centre, are easily accessible from all parts of the area. A park and green zone through the entire city district will be constructed. The works of art integrated to buildings, bridges and squares make the area more colourful.

Vuores focuses on the pedestrian and bicycle routes and public transport. The distance to the city centre of Tampere is only 7‒10 kilometres, depending on the residential area.

At the leading edge of development

The following can be taken as examples of the brand-new solutions: the natural treatment of rain and drainage waters by absorption, the pipeline-based waste collection system, led lighting on streets and in parks, as well as the fibre-optic network that enables the ultra-fast Internet connections.

The fascinating, high-quality architecture of residential buildings is connected to modern building service technology. Various development projects have promoted the opportunity provided to households for using renewable energy, such as solar power.

The partial master plan for Vuores has been drawn up in cooperation with Tampere and Lempäälä, but, at the moment, construction is underway only on the side of Tampere.

The area is growing at record speed, and towards the end of 2017, Vuores had more than 3,700 residents. By its completion in around 2025, Vuores will have about 14,000 residents. In the future, Vuores will also be a commuting area for thousands of people.