Vigorous construction activities continue in different parts of Vuores. Construction work is started on plots of blocks of flats, terraced houses and detached houses at regular intervals. Out of all the city districts in Tampere, it has been in Vuores where the largest number of dwellings have been completed in recent years. Vuores had about 4,000 residents in spring 2018.

As regards individual plots, the residential areas of Mäyränmäki, the centre of Vuores, Virolainen and Koukkuranta are still being constructed. The following areas to be built are Rimmi and Isokuusi. Some of the local detailed planning for Isokuusi is still ongoing. The planning of Västinginmäki is ongoing.

The partial master plan for Vuores has been drawn up in cooperation with Tampere and Lempäälä, but, at the moment, construction is ongoing only on the side of Tampere.

Continuous development of the services

The centre of the public services provided in Vuores is the Vuores community centre, where grades 1‒6 of the Vuores school and a daycare centre are located. The facilities for grades 7‒9 will be completed at the Vuores community centre in 2019. Another daycare centre is located at the Klaava shopping centre and the third daycare centre in Mäyränmäki. A daycare centre with 160 places and the facilities for grades 1 and 2 are being planned to be constructed in Isokuusi.

The volume of commercial services keep growing: the centre of Vuores already has two grocery shops, hairdressers, a lunch café and a pizzeria. Bus number 5 of Tampere City Transport runs from Tampere to Vuores. It operates 4 times per hour.

Besides the extensive outdoor routes, the area also has a wide central park, playgrounds, allotment gardens and an artificial turf field for football.


  • The first phase of the school was completed in the autumn of 2013: classrooms and lunch facilities for grades 1‒6, a daycare centre, preschool facilities, a maternity and child welfare clinic, a dental clinic and a sports hall.
  • The housing fair was organised in Virolainen, Vuores, in the summer of 2012.
  • The first phase of the Klaava shopping centre was completed in the summer of 2012.
  • The first block of flats in the centre of Vuores was completed in the autumn of 2011.
  • The Särkijärvi bridge and Vuoreksen puistokatu Street, which is a 4-km-long main route in the area, were opened to traffic in the summer of 2011.
  • The first residents of Vuores moved to Mäyränmäki at the beginning of 2010.

Local detailed plans

In the illustration (pdf, 10 MB) below, you can see the local detailed plans for Vuores and a master plan view of the northern part of Isokuusi. The lighter-coloured lower section in the illustration is a territory of the municipality of Lempäälä.

pdf Vuores_havainne_2016_pohjakartta_950x950

More comprehensive local detailed planning material is available via the links on the Residential areas page.