keskuspuisto syksyllä

Nature and parks

In the verdant Vuores, you will find a park zone running through the entire city district, as well as outdoor routes in lush forests.

The most central green area in Vuores, the living room for all residents, is the extensive central park and its storm water basins, water routes and flood meadows. Smaller parks and several well-equipped playgrounds have been constructed in the residential areas. 

In cooperation with the Ilves association, an artificial turf field was constructed in the sports park. In addition, thera are sledding hill and pump track in the park. A running track, multipurpose fields and spots for long jumping and street basketball are also planned to be constructed to the park.

For green thumbs, multi-year allotment gardens have been created, including elevated boxes for gardening. One-year allotment gardens will be created later.

A particularly extensive network of outdoor routes is constructed in Vuores. As regards its outdoor activities, Vuores is a real gem. The routes zigzag in parks, forests and shores and are linked to the outdoor routes of Hervanta. The residents of Vuores are able to go cross-country skiing, walking, picking mushrooms or berries and even fishing, directly from their homes.

Vuores is surrounded by forests and small lakes. The vegetation is lush and deciduous trees dominate in the area. The buildings are adapted to the terrain and to the landscape. The most valuable sites will be preserved in their natural state.