Centre of Vuores provides the most important services

The centre of Vuores, which provides the most important services in Vuores, boasts the Klaava shopping centre and various commercial premises at street level. The heart of the area will be Vuoresaukio Square, the meeting place of the residents.

The centre of Vuores currently has grocery shops, a pizzeria, a lunch café, hairdressers and the parish hall. You can take a closer look at the services on the pages Palvelut listana (“a list of services”) or Palvelut kartalla (“services on the map”) (in Finnish).

The most modern school in Tampere opened its doors at the Vuores community centre in the autumn of 2013. At first, teaching is provided for grades 1‒6. The facilities for grades 7‒9 will be completed in 2019. The Vuores community centre also boasts a daycare centre, preschool groups, a maternity and child welfare clinic and a dental clinic. The multipurpose lobby of the Vuores community centre and its performance stage, as well as the 1,000-m2 sports hall, will also be used as much as possible in evenings and at weekends for hobby activities and for the organising of events. In addition to the daycare centre of the Vuores community centre, the area also has another public daycare centre, a private daycare centre specialising in science education for children and a group family daycare centre.

Later, there will be commercial and public services in the Isokuusi sub-centre and the Lahdespohja business area, for example.

Ultra-fast data network and a unique pipeline-based waste collection system

Vuores has focused on the speed and quality of the data network. The fibre-optic network constructed by Vuores Palvelu Oy, i.e. the service company for the area, enables the ultra-fast, symmetric 100/100 Mbps connections. The service company also supports the housing companies in maintaining the properties in the area.

In Vuores, waste collection takes place in a clean way, via underground pipelines. Thanks to the pipelines, there are no noisy garbage trucks, exhaust fumes or waste shelters in the yards of the properties. The system is hygienic and safe for its users and for the workers. The system also reduces the energy need and the environmental impacts, compared with the conventional waste collection activities.