Vuores-verkko Vuores Palvelu Oy on Tampereen Vuoreksen kaupunginosan palveluyhtiö.

Vuores data network

Every apartment has a 100/100 M internet connection operated by Lounea.

Using the the data network

After you have moved to the apartment, please visit in order to activate the internet connection and/or to register as a user.

Following instructions apply to properties with internal networks implemented using data network cabling (most of the properties in Vuores):

  • It is highly recommended to purchase a ethernet router with WLAN station and firewall, which can be used to distribute the connection both through the wireless signal and with cables. Routers can be purchased from operator or at all shops selling IT devices.
  • Check which data connection jack is actively connected in your apartment. You can use the network by connecting the WAN port on the router to the active socket with network cable.
  • The metal distribution box has a switch panel with port numbers corresponding to the numbers on the data connection jacks in the rooms. If you would like to change an actively connected data connection jack, connect the cable coming from the incoming port to the port corresponding to the desired data connection jack.
  • If you would like to use several of the apartment’s data connection jacks, you can set up a router to the distribution box and connect the cable coming from the incoming port directly to the WAN port on the router. Connect the desired ports on the switch panel to the LAN ports on the router with short network cables.
  • Remember to protect the wireless connection from unauthorised users according to the device’s instructions.

If you are unsure about the correct devices or connections, it is recommended to contact Lounea’s customer support.

User support

Lounea customer service
Lounea customer support
  • network connection errors, technical support etc.
  • > Guide to implementing our services
  • tel. 0800 30304 (24/7, free of charge)